Cos Chem LLC, as official representative and distributor of well known producers, offers wide range of raw materials for cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and food supplements, as well as for food and beverage products.

We are offering following products:

BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH:

Active ingredients / vitamins / antioxidants, Chelating agents, Consistency waxes, Cosmetic fatty alcohols, Emollients, Emulsifiers / solubilizers, Emulsion bases, Hair conditioning specialties, Ingredient protectants, Lipid layer enhancers, Peralizers / opacifiers, Pigments, Polymers, Protein products, Amphoteric / anionic / cationic / nonionic surfactants / surfactant blends, UV filters, Viscosity factors, Wet wipe compounds, Biocides / preservatives.

Emery Oleochemicals GmbH:

Glycerin, Stearin, Triacetin, Fatty acids, Fatty alcohols , Methylesters.

GRC Parfum Srl:

Fragrances for personal and home care, air fresheners and paper industry.

Finzelberg GmbH & Co. KG - Martin Bauer Group:

Plant extracts for the pharmaceutical and food supplement industry.

Afriplex (Pty) Ltd:

"Source-to-shelf" oriented product solutions: plant extracts product formulations as well as final packaged products for food industry, food supplements and pharmaceutical products, with focus on African plants.

Thanks to the approach and business logic of our principals, which goes much further from simple offer and sales of raw materials, we can provide for our clients innovative concepts - from formulations to ready-to-market solutions. All these services are part of our everyday activity which aims to meet the needs of our clients and to offer complete solutions which can create added value to their business.

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Distribution of products is organized from our warehouses in Zagreb, Croatia and Ljubljana, Slovenia. This organization of distribution gives our clients possibility to acquire only the needed amount of products, in original packaging only.


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